Tips To Maintain Your Automatic Electronic Gates Conveniently

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Any automatic device has to be maintained. This is the case with automatic electronic gates as well. They need to be oiled from time to time as well as kept away from moisture and dirt. Here are a few methods in which you can conveniently and regularly maintain automatic electronic gates with Automatic Gates Perth .

Avoid water and humidity entrances

There are many cases where control panels get damaged due to humidity or rain. If the control box is placed on the wall, make sure that water does not enter either through the holes that hold it with screws or through the cable entry. If water comes to some of those places, it is convenient to seal them with silicone or similar. The Aluminum Gates Perth prevents moisture from entering for a longer time.

Beware of Insects

Just as water can penetrate the painting, so will insects and other small animals such as lizards, mice, etc. that will enter the box looking for the heat generated by the current transformer that they incorporate. This situation usually occurs in sliding door motors that are placed on the ground, and many times in the installation, the cable entry has below is left free. Seal that entrance and, if necessary, put mouse poison in the area near the engine (be careful if there are children or pets in the environment).

Occasionally monitor the electrical plate

Look at the plate while the motor is running. Be careful not to touch it while it is powered, but look closely at the relays to see if their use slightly chars them. Also, if you are familiar with electronics, you should observe the other components in case you detect that one is damaged. You can send it to repair before the breakdown becomes worse. The Automatic Gates Perth does not require extremely high maintenance compared to the other gates.

Keep the surroundings of the door clean

Depending on the type of door, garbage and dust tend to accumulate in different areas. In sliding doors, we recommend keeping the floor guide where the leaf runs clean as it can cause jams or even derailment of the door and is somewhat dangerous. In swing doors, depending on the type of hinges and how it is mounted, garbage can accumulate in the lower part where the hinges are and can cause the door not to close correctly.

Oil the door at least every two months

We always advise all our clients to keep the door greased at least every two months with liquid spray grease. Many people believe that consistent fat is better, but it is wrong. You never have to apply regular oil since, over time, it gets hard and causes jams. Spray grease can be purchased at any industrial hardware store. You can also grease with the typical spray loosened or for bicycle chains that are somewhat more common. In this case, we recommend that you grease one time a month since these oils usually evaporate earlier.

The greasing points of gate automation Perth are those where the motor and the door rotate; in sliding doors, it would be a matter of lubricating the pinion, the upper rollers, and the wheels. For swing doors, the hinges, the two motor grips, the lock, and the latch, if any, would be greased. You should never disassemble an engine to lubricate its interior, they come greased inside, and dirt does not enter, whenever you have to remove the engine for any reason we advise you to speak to a specialist.

Tips To Maintain Your Automatic Electronic Gates Conveniently
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