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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a popular feature in many Perth backyards and looks great, giving uninterrupted views of pool and backyard areas, while still keeping friends and family safe. Our Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is built of the highest quality materials and meets all state and council regulations. Our team of specialised installers are available to advise and work with you to help you achieve your project goals.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrading is a great solution for any modern home looking to create space and style without compromising on safety. Gateworld offers three standard frameless glass balustrade systems ready to be installed into your new or renovated home.

Top Mounted Frameless Glass Balustrade

Top Mounted Frameless Glass Balustrade uses 12mm toughened glass with stainless steel stirrups that are top mounted into the concrete pad. This is the most popular and cost effective frameless glass balustrade system available.

Side Mounted Frameless Glass Balustrade

Side mounted frameless glass balustrade also uses 12mm toughened glass but is installed using rounded stainless steel pins. These pins can be installed into the side of a concrete pad or timber. This system looks great in tight areas and is ideal for staircases.

Channel Mounted Frameless Glass Balustrade

Channel Mounted Frameless Glass Balustrade is a system that truly gives an uninterrupted view of any area and has an up market classy style. This system doesn’t require any fixings but instead is concreted straight into the concrete pad.

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