How to repair an electric gates?

automatic gate repair

Nowadays, automatic or electric gates are very common. These are incredibly convenient as they ensure quick access. Besides, you don’t need to get out of the vehicle to access the driveway. One can open the gate easily just with a touch of a button or swipe of a card. Like other technology, electric gates are not immune to problems. So, it also can cause headaches for the homeowners. One must deal with the issues immediately, otherwise, it may get damaged gradually. So, if you are concerned about electric gate repair, this post will be beneficial for you.

Tips for electric gate repair:

To repair any electric equipment, it is necessary to understand the anatomy of the equipment. Also, you need to know the function process. The same applies to the electric gates. Whether it be a rolling gate or an electric swing gate, you need to know the mechanism so that you can identify the exact issue. By knowing the parts of the gate, you can properly understand the issues that you may face. Also, before the electric gate installation, gather an accurate idea about its mechanism and possible troubleshooting.

Check whether the gate is receiving power:

When an electric gate is not working correctly, check whether the gate is getting power or not. Also, if you have installed any peripheral equipment on the gate, check if it’s working or not. If the electric gate is not receiving power, the peripheral equipment also is not receiving any power. Otherwise, if the electric mains are off mistakenly, turn them on immediately. Also, check the wiring to check if there is any damage. Sometimes, you may have to change the wiring.

Check whether any insects blocking the sensors:

Electric gates work by using sensors. So, if the sensors get blocked, the gate will not work accurately. Insects can climb into dark spaces and can obstruct the sensors. So make sure to properly clean the gate so that the sensors will work properly.

Look for the transmitter:

Sometimes, the electric swing gate doesn’t work for issues in the transmitter. So, if the transmitter is not working correctly, immediately check the batteries. Usually, the transmitter consists of light on it. This light indicates that there’s power in the transmitter. So, when the batteries are dead, the transmitter doesn’t work properly. Otherwise, if you have installed any other access controls on the gate, you have to key in the access codes to see if the gates are opening or not. You can eliminate such equipment that doesn’t work properly. If any particular equipment is not working, you may have to replace or repair it.

Check the path of the gates:

In some cases, the path of the gates gets stuck due to some obstructions. If the gates are open and you can close them, you can wave any object in the path of the gate and see whether there is any clicking sound or not. This problem mostly happens with rolling gates. Sliding gates don’t go through such issues. So, before the electric gate installation, choose wisely. If you find any obstruction in the path, simply remove it. If there are photocells, but it doesn’t make any clicking sound, there may be a problem with the safety beam. So, check whether there are any broken parts or hardened debris that may block the photocells.

Check the motors:

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the motors of the gates. For both rolling gates and swing gates, disputes in the motor can be a big problem. Under such circumstances, you may need to replace or repair the motors.


Hopefully, the above tips will be helpful in electric gate repair. Besides, always try to repair an electric gate with the help of skilled and experienced professionals. Also, get a proper idea about the command panel, engine, response speed, and other factors that activate the gate. Thus you can properly handle and maintain the electric gate for longer.



How to repair an electric gates?
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